Viole seems to delight in the new electricity you to definitely Ha Jinsung provided him, even if it wasn’t in best of activities

Viole seems to delight in the new electricity you to definitely Ha Jinsung provided him, even if it wasn’t in best of activities

Just after Viole’s brief coma following the their conflict which have Rachel, Ha Jinsung attempts to keep Viole from the Heck Teach, dreading to own Viole’s coverage will be the guy confront one other Slayer Applicant rumored to be on panel. Once Viole can make their attention clear to obtain onto the show, Ha Jinsung tries to make him stay because of the push, it is outwitted from the Khun’s plan in which he begrudgingly allows his pupil’s decision.

Within the good flashback, this has been found you to definitely Hwa Ryun might be vicious/helpful to Baam (restarting this new dangerous/degree brick golem) because of their highest criterion

Into the Viole’s stop away from some thing, he seems to value Ha Jinsung a great deal, contacting your teacher even after his just be sure to hop out FUG.

Whenever Viole reaches title Seem Station and you may acquisitions Kaiser’s name, Ha Jinsung pays 10 mil items to pick Kaiser’s label and you can states one to 10 million points commonly this much to have helping their dearest beginner, Viole. He in addition to contributes that he is not usually the one rescuing Kaiser, however, FUG’s jesus, and this describes Viole.

If Heck Instruct finds the last Station, and you may Zahard’s Armed forces appear to recapture Regulars to your Heck Show, Ha Jinsung reduces Kallavan’s way to get towards the last route and despite Kallavan’s overwhelming strength, the guy won’t give up despite having his hand missing and stabbed of the Maschenny’s spear, also using the last regarding his electricity in an attempt to stop her or him. Kallavan teleports to your past channel and you may informs Viole one to Ha Jinsung should be dead, and you may Viole is actually overloaded having sadness more than his master’s obvious death and initiate attacking Kallavan. Viole carries on fighting Kallavan, even though it is clear one to Kallavan is actually way too effective, although the guy turns out running aside because the Karaka informed him one to in the event that Viole will not hightail it however, rating grabbed, Ha Jinsung’s sacrifice might be towards the little. Even now, Baam wants to conserve their advisor out of Zahard’s Armed forces.

Hwa Ryun: „Currently” a member of FUG. Really the only correspondence they had in part I was from inside the Top Game, during which Hwa Ryun got disguised by herself as one of the Regulars having a purpose. When she tried to attack Rachel, Baam grabbed this new attack plus the shinsu around your appeared to lash out during the Hwa Ryun spontaneously. The newest assault clipped the woman mask in two and grievously injured the woman vision. This woman is later on seen which have an eyepatch for the rest of new series, though it appears that she doesn’t hold it facing Baam. She later indicated that it absolutely was due to the girl guidance one FUG was able to manipulate Baam into the is Viole. Regardless of if the lady dialogue with him helps it be undecided even if she facilitate him less than FUG’s purchases, otherwise a would really like of her own; together responding within the ambiguous trend when asked.

This woman is and one of the primary to refer to help you your given that „my god”, although it is in an endearing method rather than the reverence most other FUG players state they which have

Simply II the two of them are christianmingle konum deÄŸiÅŸtirme very better, Hwa Ryun will act as Baam’s Publication with the expectation that Baam increases sufficiently strong to at least one time eliminate Zahard. She have a tendency to manipulates private people in Party Tangsooyook in a way one to advantages Baam, particularly whenever FUG people grabbed Viole trailing the lady back and she informed Khun throughout the precisely what had occurred so you’re able to Viole so however visit the Working area Race. Hwa Ryun opinions Viole given that this lady Goodness and additionally good guy. It’s unfamiliar if or not she mode he’s got grown as the Region I being protect their family or if or not she is actually hitting for the him because of the calling your this lady guy. She and additionally appears to believe very off Viole to the level out-of giving your the fresh Thorn and you can providing her or him winnings the fresh Tournament. Viole generally seems to look after the woman much, become upset when Reflejo signifies that he’s taken the woman hostage and you will outdone their.

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